Custom FPGA design support and consultancy...

FPGA design for individual and business customers: FPGA development boards, interface and connectivity components, hardware for special applications...

Our goal is to let FPGA design to be a part of your developments. Even more, we train and support you from the very beginning until the successful manufacture of the prototype. Because of that, we make absolutely no difference between a beginner and an experienced FPGA design Profi, so that both private and business projects are of the same value and importance for us.

We are a group of engineers, who work in the semiconductor and electronics design industry since 1990. Moreover, we also very interested in music hardware, MIDI, digital, and pipe organ technology. As a result of our work, we see the importance to bring our knowledge to each and every enthusiast, so that the pipe organ playing can be achieved easier. We participate in the MIDI Hardware Developers group at MIDI Association.

Components for FPGA design, breakout boards, auxiliary devices, expansion boards etc.

Parts for prototyping, demonstration, training and break-out. With this components you may simplify your design and move core function out of basic I/O board.

MIDI keyboard controllers, keys/pedals scanners, MIDI/PC interface boards, merging and extension boards etc.

Components for MIDI organ consoles, keyboard/pedal-board scanner logic, interfaces, adapters, power sources, special controllers, sequencers, control parts, etc.

Organ Electronics

Devices and components for organ consoles, virtual pipe organ controllers, parts for organ playing support, etc.

Complete functional solutions towards virtual pipe organ consoles, control and connectivity logic, interfacing and signal distribution.

FPGA design support, consultations, coaching, etc.

Consulting and on-line training on FPGA usage. We give you knowledge on VHDL, desing flow, synthesis, simulation, constraining, timing closure, configuration options, in-system reprogrammable operation, etc.

Training and Consultancy

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