FPGA Breakout Board – Lattice MachXO2 7000HC

The breakout board maps all available FPGA pins (except power and ground) on to the pin header connectors. The user's design has a full control over any operation mode of the FPGA. The breakout board may be installed both standalone or directly on the host PCB via sockets/mouting holes.

The breakout board supports all types of in-system configuration and also provides the separate JTAG Port.

The breakout board has a single power input. The power terminal provides power to the FPGA core/IO banks and to the JTAG port.

One clock oscillator provides the FPGA required clock frequency. You may configure your choice of the frequency during the ordering.

The simplicity of the board helps to integrate it in user's designs with minimum effort. The pin header connectors are routed in 0.1" grid, so it will be easy to connect the board either to the prototyping PCB plate or place it on the separate PCB appropriately.