FPGA Breakout Board – XILINX Spartan-6 LX9 Rev 2.0

Spartan-6 LX9 breakout board Rev. 2.0 is both a standalone development board or a mezzanine card on top of the host connection board. Also, the board provides flexible power supply capabilities: screw terminal (VCC_EXT) or pin header J2 (VCC_INT). The switching between EXT and INT power source is done using slider switch SW3. Additionally, the board holds two low-jitter CMOS clock oscillators. The user-available GPIO connections contain 84 pins. The differential pairs are routed with careful line length balancing.

The board provides two independent USB/Virtual COM ports: the user may implement parallel command/data transfer paths to/from the PC. Furthermore, the user may use the dedicated push-button for FPGA reset/reprogram or pin 7 of the J2 pin header (PROGRAM_B). FPGA configuration ready flag (DONE) drives pin 5 of the J2 pin header. Selectable configuration downloading options allow the board usage in a great variety of applications. The bitstream is stored in serial FLASH EEPROM 128 Mbits.