Virtual Organ Console Unit

The Virtual Organ Console Unit combines together four parts:
- MIDI merger
- Virtual pipe organ action processor
- Combination settings processor
- Advanced MIDI/USB output router

The module has four parallel MIDI inputs and each input belongs to a dedicated organ division: Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal.

Four groups of highlighted push buttons on the front panel toggle the organ functions. Each group operates the corresponding organ division. The organist can change organ stops combinations, select divisional or general and auxiliary controls. Moreover, the Unit implements conventional and advanced couplers like MELODY, BASS and Organ Point (for consoles without pedal board). The module does not restrict the number of VPO configurations and combinations.

The unit provides different interfaces. Serial USB interface links the console with the VPO simulation software (Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue). Besides that, the unit has also a special composite MIDI output, which merges four divisional outputs together. It can be used by a single MIDI sequencer or an organ register bank. These interfaces are suitable for home or small hall use. In case of big halls and studios, the Module provides four independent MIDI outputs, corresponding to the organ divisions. You may connect the unit to organ sound generators, representing a part of the whole ensemble of multiple speaking voices.

The Virtual Pipe Organ Console Unit is compliant to the MIDI 1.0 Specification and transparent to any commands and data. You may use the device within setups without damage to the system integrity.